Top places to explore

Biserujka cave
Biserujka A cave in Rudine on the island of Krk. This geological attraction is must see. The existence of this cave has been known, at Rudin or above the Slivanjska bay, for over a hundred years when its interior (with its former entrance being in the shape of a grotto!) was hidden and it has aroused interest for its unrevealed secrets and the beauty of its calcite decorations. From the time that the story about a smuggler’s hidden treasure was created, to the first entrances of interested visitors, its paths have been readjusted and people can now move more freely.
Wakeboard cable Krk
Wakeboard Wakeboard center “Cable Krk” in placed in Punat bay, between cities Krk and Punat on the island Krk. You can taste the unique adventure of wakeboarding on this modern cableway, and on the 400 m2 facility above the sea you can eat, drink, visit our Board shop, sunbathe, sing, dance, laugh at the beginners or sigh at the breathtaking tricks of the world class riders who simply love this place. Cable Krk is located as centrally on the island Krk as it gets.
Krk old town hall
Krk old town hall A dominant building in the Vela market place, built in the 16th century during the Venetian rule. The town hall is famous for its unique clock that depicts all 24 hours on it, with the daytime hours on the upper half and night-time hours on the lower half.
The island of Košljun

This picturesque island is situated only 750 meter from the coast of the island of Krk, near the town of Punat. Košljun is a true cultural treasure. There is a Franciscan convent on the island with many valuable objects collected by the Franciscan monks and hidden from the passing of time. Items are many ranging from the collection of national apparel and objects from the nation’s history to the rich collection of shells. There are also two other beautiful churches on the island. One is the church of Annunciation to St. Mary and the other is the church of St. Bernadine.

Vrbnik town
Vrbnik is undoubtedly one of the most famous Croatian villages. It became famous thanks to its Glagolitic heritage and famous popular song with its special melody and content which is played and arranged in variety of performances and is called “Vrbniče nad morem” (Vrbnik above the sea). As with the other castles on the island, Vrbnik too is, situated high up, at almost 50 metres and on truly special place, on a cliff that literally dives into the sea. With Šilo, located in the area of Dobrinj, it is the only large village on the east coast of the island of Krk. It was first mentioned in 1100. The inhabitants were mainly farmers, then navigators and fishermen.
St. Nicholas church and gallery, Malinska
St Nicholas is the church-gallery complex in the centre of Malinska. The complex is new and during the summer is the centre of fine arts events.